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History & Overview

Founded in 1984 by Dr. Barry Blechman in Washington, D.C., DFI International has grown to a thriving consulting firm specializing in strategic business support. Building on his expertise in the fields of defense and programmatic analysis, DFI built a client base of leading financial and defense firms, as well as government institutions. As DFI International’s business expanded, DFI Corporate Services was established in the early 1980s to focus on the concerns and needs of corporate clients.

In the early years, DFI worked with its clients to develop practical strategies to manage the decline in U.S. military spending. Uncertain of how evolving market conditions would impact their businesses, Fortune 500 and high technology companies as well as financial institutions sought sound and practical advice from DFI’s team of analysts. From industry consolidation to commercial expansion, DFI analysts have advised clients on strategies that have led to new business development, key acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and even divestment of non-core capabilities.

More than a decade later, DFI Corporate Services continues to provide its clients with insightful analysis and pragmatic advice on how the intersection of business, technology, and government policy influence decisions in today’s dynamic marketplaces. Analysts and consultants with diverse backgrounds and experience are the key to DFI’s success, bringing a broad mix of business, policy, and government experience and insight to clients in markets including aerospace, defense, homeland security, information technology, healthcare, logistics and other government-influenced industries. Moreover, DFI’s Board of Directors and a network of outside veterans from industry and government lend additional expertise to the DFI team.

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