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About DFI International

DFI International provides tailored research, analysis, knowledge management, and consulting services to senior decision-makers in industry and government. DFI Corporate Services provides management consulting services to global leaders operating at the intersection of business, technology, and policy. DFI Government Services assists U.S. government leaders in the development and implementation of national security programs and policies.

As a team, DFI International balances broad experience in analysis and policy with deep functional and technical expertise. The DFI team has earned a reputation for fitting substance to context, developing and implementing solutions that work within the larger strategic concerns that govern decision-making. To provide leaders in both business and government with workable answers to the questions they ask, DFI is committed to forging true partnerships with its clients. This dedication ensures that in all its work, DFI produces solutions that are focused, timely, and pragmatic—characteristics that set our products and services apart from the crowd.

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